Joy Fellowship
This is the class for those senior saints to attend. A sincere concern for the well being of one anther is evident in the membership of this class. Randy Hogue is the leader of this class and he does a fabulous job. Once a minister of the church himself, the desire to serve is still readily seen in his attitude towards the great members of this class. This class enjoys great times of fun and fellowship. Trips are planned and a monthly time of food and fun takes place as well.

One Accord
The name says it. This class is built with those that have one desire – together serving the Lord, the church and each other. Primarily attended by those that are “empty-nesters”. Life can be complicated and this group of believers help in strengthening the walks of one another and by doing so, help in the ministry function of the church. They have journeyed through many cycles of life and have an understanding of how to help others as they travel the highways of life. Gregg Davis leads the class with the help of many.

This class is comprised of those that seek fellowship with others whose life situation finds them with the responsibilities associated with households, especially households that have children. From the parent of toddlers to the parent of teens and those of like ages, the class endeavors to give insight from God’s Words that garners homes bent on pleasing the Lord. Jimbo and Felicia Cash lead this group.

This class is taught by Dawn King and has a special niche in the church. It is intended to minister to the Lady that comes to church by herself, due to circumstance or position in life, and finds the unique bond of a group of loving and caring women essential. Care and understanding for the pressures of life is genuinely understood and shared in this class.