Sunday Worship July 14, 2019

Join us Sunday morning at 8:30, 10:00, or 11:30a and again at 6p, as we gather for worship. If you are unable to join us physically, you can watch our 10a service online at, on YouTube at, or at 

Current Series

Sunday Mornings - Habakkuk

One of the modern “Christian myths” that ought to be silenced says that when you trust Jesus Christ, you get rid of all your problems. You don’t.

It’s true that your basic spiritual problem—your relationship with God—has been solved, but with that solution comes a whole new set of problems that you didn’t face when you were an unbeliever, like: “Why do good people suffer and evil people prosper?” or “Why isn’t God answering my prayer?” or “When I’m doing my best for the Lord, why do I experience the worst from others?”

Believers who claim to be without problems are either not telling the truth or not growing and experiencing real life. Perhaps they’re just not thinking at all. They’re living in a religious dream world that has blocked out reality and stifled honest feelings.

Habakkuk wasn’t that kind of believer. As he surveyed the land of Judah, and then watched the international scene, he found himself struggling with some serious problems. But he did the right thing: he took his problems to the Lord.

Sunday Nights - Revelation

The Book of Revelation was written to show God's servants the things which must shortly come to pass. Revelation is God's vivid reminder that he has a plan for this earth. The threads of prophecy run throughout all Scripture. Wherever we pick up the sacred Word of God, we will find strands of truth that relate to the end time. 

But here in the Book of Revelation, it is as though God drew all these threads together and wove them into a beautiful detailed tapestry for us. We see the apostasy of the faith and the rapture of the church.

We see wars, famines, pestilences, the coming of the beast and the false prophets. We see persecutions without parallel in history. We see the Battle of Armegeddon and the golden age which follows. The eternal destinies of men are vividly painted for us in this richly descriptive book.

The setting alternates between heaven and earth. The reason seems to be obvious--God's ultimate purpose is to have his will done on earth as it is in heaven. Revelation shows that there is no power in heaven, on earth, or in hell itself that can frustrate the fulfillment of God's plan. God's kingdom is going to be fulfilled whether men like it or not. The Book of Revelation is a bold declaration of the inevitability and the invincibility of the purpose of God.

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Day: Sunday
Time: All Day
Location: Willow Park Baptist Church
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